Why should I?

Peer vs. single individual

  1. A : Chief and/or speaker of a group, all of it’s members and followers being armed but not trained in properly mastering weapons, unexperienced in fighting and with no idea of warfare at all, just relying on peerpressure.
  2. B : Single upright standing individual fe/male

A : Haaaa hey You! How do you dare??!!

B : Dare what?

A : You are all naked!

B : So what ?

A : Everybody can see your private parts! What a shame!

B : That’s just because nobody dares to really face me and look sqarely into my eyes … all of You are just drilled and trained to peep and peer for what you call shame to justyfy why you treat it infamously, all of you too pusillanimous to stand firm a selfassured look.

A : ————-

B : … an be assured : as long I stand and go upright, nobody will ever have a chance to see my asshole - o.k.?

A : =========================»»»»»

B : Hello - Is there anyone around?

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